My last painting. . .

August 4, 2010

For my sweet Rozi..

May 3, 2010

Loving Rozi…
Sweet love !

Hmmm. . . . Cant describe your beauty,the pinkish beauty.Never felt like this ,never my sweet darling. Our emotions are being deepened .I searched you from the crowd.There were many plants but only one rose plant that is you “Rozi “. I think my mission is over now.You have to promise, not to leave me alone.I am loving you might be one sided love or you also do,i don’t know but i am in good faith to be yours.In my sensory area of the brain there is always a tender touch of your beauty.Dear Rozi . . . How to forget that photo session when i was with you in that beautiful garden .My eyes were always in yours.Do you know my body touched to you ? That moment was really pious for me. We lived together for few minutes but the memories are for the long.Your eyes were really like the ocean where i wanted to swim infinitely. Your hairs were silky. Every body says there is always thorn with the rose but i dont think like so.I have seen only the pink petals in you.Even i cant imagine those thorn. my love…

Happy teacher’s Day..

September 5, 2009

Today is teacher’s day. . . .A precious and sacred day for me . This is the day to celebrate ,for our beloved teachers ,without whom support our life is incomplete.I owe gratidude for your loving guidence and special care.
So first of all Best wishes to my teachers who helped me to achieve my goal . May god give them peace ,happiness and whatever they want .
Without teacher our existence is not more than zero. . . .The Teacher who carved us ,who sharpened our future ,who led the real path. My hearthest regard to them. . . .
My first wishes to my parents, 1st teacher of my life ,then to my elder sisters and my family .And Loving teachers of my childhood Amod Sharma ,Sudama Pd. Singh and my Brother in law S.N.Mandal who shared my problems during the Navodaya Entrance exam preparation without whom support i could not be here .

My best regards and warm wishes to my teachers of Navodaya Vidyalaya Purnia, I.Hussain (Math teacher ),Parashar Sir (eng. teacher ),Jaysawal Sir (S.St.),Gunand Pathak (Eng.),Sadhna Mam (Music) ,S.N.Sharma (Math),Y.Bhakta (physics),Durganand Thakur (Hindi),S.B.Singh (Bio.),Renu Mam (Eng.),Art teacher R.P.Gupta.My hearthest regard and well wishes to the teachers of my college A.N.M.M.C.H.Gaya Dr.Prof.A.Barkat (Surg.),Dr.Arvind Pd.(F.M.T.),Dr.Vinod (Bio chem.),Dr.Nirupma (Physio),Dr.B.K.Thakur & Dr.Y.K.Singh (Medicine),Dr.H.D.Tripathi (Surg.),Dr.B.Prasad(Surg.),Dr.S.Kumar(Ortho),Dr.H.G.Agrawal (Ana.),Dr.M.M.Prasad (Micro),Dr.Manjushree Kr.(Principal),Dr.L.P.Singh (pharma),Dr.R.Kr.(Eye),Dr.R.P.Thakur (E.N.T.),Dr.Ravindra kr.(Skin) ,Dr.K.Hoda ,Dr.R.Tiwari (Obs. & Gynae) ,Dr.V.K.Singh (Pshy.),Dr.S.B.Singh (paed.) and all .

Yours ‘
Dr.Abhay Kumar

Dur desh ki ek Titli. . .

August 16, 2009

Dur desh ki ek Titli. . . .
Haan dur des ki ek Titli. . . .
Udna hai bas udna usko. . .
Manzil tak hai udna usko. . .
Sapno ki antim chhor tak. .
Tanti sanso ki us dor tak. . .

Utsah gajab,andaz ajab,
Apne se kya nata uska. . .
Har bat me mujhse ladti hai,
Ladkar wo fir aa jati hai. . .
Na wo jani na mai jana. . .
dur des ki wo titli. . .
Ab pakdi tab pakdi. . .
Khawabon ke dhund me simti,
Haan wo hai bas ek titli . . .

Na dwesh, na chhal hai usme,
Madmast hawa ki wo titli. . .
Itrati ithlati , yowan ki,
Aasma ko chhune wali,
Wo jeevan ki hai ek titl. . .
Krishna ke angan ki,
Bansuri ke dhun se nikli,
Anant chhaya hai jiski,
Haan is madhuwan ki,
hai wo ek titli. . . .

Kab aur kaise hui dosti,
Apne hin upwan me,
Fuloon ki khusbu ke sang,
Le chanchala hai wo titli,
Haan dur des ki wo titli. . .

Har kshan dena navrang use tum,
Jiski kaya se jag rangin hua,
Madhur yadon ki lekar saugat,
Ho Abhay Prabhu Tum jana us tak ,
Haan dur des ki hai wo titli. . .

(This poem is dedicated to a loving friend who is far from me. . . . )

Dr.Abhay Kumar

Patwa toli & Patwa Culture

April 27, 2009

In Gaya dist. there is a little village at Manpur block called as ” Patwatoli ” and mostly Patwa community resides here whose work is weaving . It was really amazing for me to visit that place. A little crowded place ,not well arranged ,in fact i felt suffocation.It was 3 yrs back ,i had a chance to attend the marriage ceremony of my friend ,what happened there i will write later. First i visited that place with some of my friends . The people of that place are hard working. They have business of handloom , they have established small factory in home where they prepare towels ,bed sheet ,dhoti, sari ,mat etc and they supply the product .This is the main source of their income. Many of them are below poverty line ,and they spine the thread by Charkha of Gandhi jee. . . . I was really happy to see Charkha in this modern age.
There were a troop of some children who were engaged in some discussion. I tried to mingle among them and started to ask the question that was really appreciating .They had good quality of education in such a crisis ,it attracted me to know more and more. I asked one of them “What would you like to be ? “He said we all are preparing for IIT. Hmmm. . . . Great ! You all like to be engineer ? Yes why not ! Their eyes were shining. . . . Then they started to describe the success story of that place. In such a little place every year 4 to 5 IIT students are born and from 1992 to 2006 , 46 students has taken admission in IIT. And they have formed an organisation ” Navprayas “in 2000 through which they provide guidelines and study matter to them ,they conduct preparatory test then why not they will crack ,if they have such talented seniors ?All the children of that village seemed to be very labourious and having hard will power that really empowered and attracted me . Now they are weaving new dreams in their eyes ,to fly over the sky ,to spread their legs abroad.

It was late , we went for dinner before we proceed for Barat. I left some empty corner of my stomach so that i could take delicious dishes with the arrival of Barat. It was just nearby from my friends home. We reached by 1 am. ,the Mandap was made by the temple where the formalities of the marriage was done.There was crowd of approx 500 people. No arrangement of sitting for us. We were peeping by standing heither and thither . Now we were waiting for the dinner with empty stomach . I thought that after marriage we will be called for that ,but the time passed and passed ,it was 3:30 am and still no sign of dinner .I had to ask to nearby people, when will they provide but knowing the fact i turned pale as there is no rule of dinner for Barati. And many facts came out that seemed to be amazing .They said that they are Patwa caste who have very strict rules .They can not marry in other caste ,or even in other place. All the marriage are set among themselves ,in their close relatives. If any boy marry in other society they are thrown from their Patwa society and family too.They are not given their share of the property from family . If the family accept their son after such marriage then the whole family will be separated from the society and no chance of marriage among them. But the daughter of that family is supposed to be the daughter of the society and all the villagers set her marriage despite the separation of the family from the society .This culture really brought me to think a lot. In such modern era ,even after such development ,who produces so many talented brain every year,still they obey it ?It’s really amazing ! Just few months ago ,C.M. Nitish Kumar has promised to solve their problem and to provide infrastructure to that community where many dreams are being weaven.

” Sirwa – Thank God !”

April 14, 2009

Our indian culture varies from part to part and the way of adoption changes from place , religion ,cast ,taboo ,and community. Today after long i am going to write something about the north Bihar culture. The celebration of the villagers with the harvesting of the seasonal crops as the festival locally known as ” Sirwa “.
This festival is mainly celebrated in the north Bihar region.In other region the people celebrate this fest or not i dont know but might be the way of celebration different. This is april month ,the farmers have harvested wheat and pulses from their farm and they have the new source of income, in fact to have the new taste of cereals grown with their sweat and blood. So they are thankful to the almighty who has given them the cereals to wipe their hunger and tears . How to thank the God ?This festival is a way to thank the God.The villagers collect their crops and before the use of this cereals they celebrate with the worship of the God.They bring earthen pot of small size specially made for this occassion known as “Ghantu” in the regional language. The children eagerly wait this fest as they paint this Ghantu with ornamental design.In evening the Prasad is made with the cereals and the new little young fruits of mango and this is fed to the Ghantu as a symbol of God .Second day is celebrated as “Satwayan “in which the Ghantu is fed with Sattu so named satwayan and local geet is also sung by the ladies .In the last , 3rd day the Ghantu is fed with the Kheer/Bhat so this day is celebrated as “Bhadwain ” and signifies the name itself. During this period the villagers prepare the sweet dishes with this new cereals and varieties of the vegetables are prepared in lunch. They also invite other family /neighbours to have the lunch as they think that it will lead to the progress to their life .They play with the colours and Abir . The elders pour the water over the head of the youngers in the early morning as their blessings .
This year the fest is being celebrated from 14th to 16th april . . .

Ek Dastak Dekar . .

April 4, 2009

Ek pawitra si murat wo,
Dil ke ek kone me ,
Ek dastak dekar,
Atma ko jhakjhokar,
Manind hawa ke jhoke si,
Is garam dhoop me mano,
Shitalta ka Abhas dila gai ,
Haan wo pawatra murat !

Mere angan ki wo Shurat,
Jinki ” Kaya ” ankho me utarkar,
Dil ke ek kone me atakakar ,
Mere Ruh me chandan ka lep laga gai ,
Kalpna ke angan me ek pal ke lie,
Laga wo sab kuchh de gai ,
Mere antarang ki wo Madhur kalpna,
Kanha humse door fir ho chali. . . . !

Dr.Abhay Kumar

From little corner of my heart. . . !

March 30, 2009

Hello friends. . . . .

Myself after long with you to share my feelings .You think i might be busy in march closing. . . . . Hmmm. . . . March closing is very tough for the officials and others. . . . You think so. You think , i am also involve in the same. . . 🙂 . No. . . . Not at all. . . . . Myself free from these . . . . . Hmmm. . . Was i enjoying ? No. . . . .not at all. . . This term is not meant for me. Was very busy in my toughest routine from morning to evening. . . . From sunday to next sunday and from 1st of the month to next 1st of the month. . . . . Hmmm. . . . . . Very tough routine of my life ,not ever followed . . . . . But i enjoyed it. . . . . Can you enjoy to watch black and white from 7 a.m. morning to late 1 a.m. night of the next day. . . . . . ?But i had to follow this routine from last 2 month . I love books and every words of my medical science. . . Hmmm. . . . . its the same love as you have with your soul mate. . . .Confined in four square feet of the closed area . Discussion continued with my other two friends . Thanks to Dr.Dharmendra and Dr. Ashoka who shared my feelings day and night without whom support i could not face such exhaustive study. . . Oh. . . Why such hard schedule ?For whom. . . . For me. . . For my family. . . . For her. . . . Or for you . . . . Or for those sufferer. . . . ? I never thought about. . . .Always in dilemma. Continuing my work . . . .And running anyhow ,selling my sweat .But i think ,will they realise my work ,how i struggled ?The sunlight became tantalising for me ,forgot to have breakfast yesterday. . . .. . . . It’s Holi and i am inside room with books. Junior have to return with down eyes. . . .They are playing with the colours and me with my darling medicine. . . . Perhaps its beyond their imagination. . . . . . . I don’t appreciate myself rather of friends and 90% of my colleagues who have the same situation ,selling their sweat and blood and i salute all those who struggle till the goal is reached . . . . . .I don’t need a lot from you except love and regards dear. . . . This skeleton is devoted in your service ,for the humanity ,to wipe the tears from your eyes. . . . But one corner of my heart is still selfish ,searching something i.e. regard with my every steps, that you don’t want to pay. Rather we have to face your abuse and sometime pebbles ,even after my well effort to save your life . . . .Today i won’t stop. . . . . You have to admit it.

Dr.Abhay Kumar

” Satisfaction . . . ! “

February 27, 2009

“Wealth is lost ,nothing is lost
Health is lost ,something is lost
If character is lost ,everything is lost !”

Our character is the reflection of our core .We must maintain it . Before writing about this topic i would like to say something about one of my teacher Dr.A.K.Barnwal ,Dept.of Surgery.No doubt he is clinically very smart , he has performed many challenging surgery ,he has sound knowledge of the subject matter, still nobody likes him,nobody pay him respect from heart .He has very rude behaviour with the patients,he cant speak politely with the students ,dont maintain the ethics and etiquette of the medical science . He is never satisfied with the works of the colleagues and always criticise the work of junior and the students .He always burns in the fire of the frustration. Once i was with him ,he furiously started to punch a 65 yrs old lean and thin patient only because he repeated the same sentence that he could not understand due to senile deafness. . . Alas. . How rude he was !
Then i started to search the reason behind this . Many of his colleague said about his personal and familial life that’s not satisfactory. His own frustration is mingled in day to day life and also in the duty hour.

Those who are not satisfied themselves ,cant satisfy others. Self satisfaction is necessary for the smooth and healthy life. And this satisfaction is the progenitor of the character. In this busy world everybody have tension ,someone for the money and someone for the bread . Someone for the chair and someone for the share. But we must combat the situation and try to be happy . If we add the flavour of satisfaction in our life ,our half the problem will be solved.. . . .Having satisfaction we can spread the fragrance of our skill and make the life successful and peaceful .Isn’t it ?

Dr.Abhay Kumar

Collage Making – An Art

February 12, 2009

''Collage''Dear friends. . . .

This article is dedicated to my respected art teacher Sri R.P.Gupta on the eve of his B’day . . . . May God give him name and fame in field of fine art .

After long i am going to write something in field of art. . . . Really its too long .Actually I ‘m not getting sufficient time these days . . . .Today i am going to write something about collage making.

Collage making
is very interesting branch of the art. You must have made it with fun or must have seen it in drawing room of your friends ,and it might have been attracted you . I have sweet and sour experience of it. You can also make it .It needs some zeal in your inner urge to make it. Not so tough to make it. With this you can attract your chum and will add flavour in your extra activities . I will discuss various aspect of it.
What is collage making ?
Collage making is a branch of art in which the poster is made by pesting the unused /discarded pieces of papers/magazines with the help of gum on the paper .

Materials required –
1. old magazine ,paper ,poster , old books etc.
2. Blade,scissiors ,knife ,gum/fevicol ,card board ,papers ,brush ,pencil , pen ,water , eraser etc.
3. Sometimes paint ( poster colour ,water colour etc ),ink ,sketch ,glitter ,burada etc. may be used to give the special effect to the collage.

How to make ?
You have all the mentioned materials on your table. You may take help of your friends to make it .First decide what to make. What is the topic or theme of your collage. Either it is competition or for your home or to gift anyone . According to it now you should collect the magazine . First remove the pages containing the related topic. Now cut the needed scene from the page. Sometimes you may tear it so that rough margin may be created which gives the special effect. Now all the related pieces of the torn or cut papers are infront of you. You may draw a rough sketch for the collage so that it may help you to proceed. Now take gum and you may dilute it with the water to work easily. Spread the gum over the paper with the brush. The wanted torn paper is now pasted over it with the planning.The skills are developed by frequent making . Now dry it on the sunlight .To give the special effect the paint ,glitter etc. may be used.

In competition what is important is the timing , theme and your skill. So try to develope it. Before facing the competition ,you should practice in home many times.Not for the competition but also you can make it to decorate your drawing room or you may have project from your school.

Dr.Abhay Kumar