Rangoli. . .

art from the dusts.....

Rangoli. . .
This is one of the most colorful branch of art. . . I was unaware of its beauty before 2001. When i came medical college Gaya.Got opportunity to watch. . . It attracted me. . . Next year i participated in it. . . . Got 1st prize. . . This was first

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5 Responses to “Rangoli. . .”

  1. Shyam Says:

    Dear friend, you are great.Being a doctor,if you are doing this. Its really appreciable. Keep continue.

  2. Raj Says:

    Rangoli mujhe bhi pasand hai. Bhai kya ye tumhara banaya hua hai. Mast banaye yar.

  3. sunil Says:

    Its just beautiful.

  4. alekya Says:

    hey its really gud ..evn am doin mbbs.. i need to do in my coll too cn u pllzzz help me ot..???

  5. Dr.Abhay Kumar Says:

    Hi Alakya,
    Nice to know. . . Sure. . !Welcome !You can contact me at 09234772679.

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