Rangoli. . .

art from the dusts.....

Rangoli. . .
This is one of the most colorful branch of art. . . I was unaware of its beauty before 2001. When i came medical college Gaya.Got opportunity to watch. . . It attracted me. . . Next year i participated in it. . . . Got 1st prize. . . This was first Rangoli of my life. .
Everybody appreciated. . . Cant forget that day. . .Now my real journey started here. . .

What is this. . ?

Rangoli. . Rang+aawali. Rangon ka sammishran. . . Rangon ki chhata. . .Sometimes also called ” ALPNA “.

In this art we make the design on the floor. . . Not with water colour. . . But with the colourful rangoli powder. . Dust. . . Rice. . Grains. .Pulces. . . Haldi powder Sands. . . Husks. . . Abir. . . Burada. . etc. And it can be decorated with the flowers like marygold,rose petals, and other flowers depending upon availability and work. . .Diya is also used sometimes. .

Its famous in south india. . . Kerala is famous for it. In “Onam Fest.”. . . They sail boat. . .And make the floor colourful with Rangoli. . . We people are always attracted of it.

Trend. .
Dear friends. . . Its design has changed from time to time. . . Generally ornamental and geometrical design are made. . . But with advancement in fine art. . . Its style also changed. . . Previously i used to make ornamental design but now the people have started to appreciate the rangoli with some theme and modern style. . . But still the ornamental design is famous. . . And its theme and work depend upon the situation

Where you see Rangoli. .

In festival like Deepawali, Bhaia dooj ,Marriage function , Pooja ,Inauguration function.. etc. You often see the art of Rangoli. . .

How to give better shape. . ?

Dear friends. . First make rough sketch in paper with your thinking. . .Or you may buy some books for it, Now draw rough diagram on floor with chalk. . . Start to sprinkle the colourful powder from centre to periphery from you thumb and index finger,otherwise you will feel difficulty to put dust at central part. . . Mixing of the dust is an importent part. . . It brings reality to your art. .Add 3D effect. And theme of the Rangoli is soul of the art. . Without theme, Rangoli is colourless despite colour .Its importance, in reality is in competition. . . Where hundreds of the artists have diff. theme.

Dear friends any quarry in “Rangoli”.You may ask. .


Dear friends here are some Rangoli of my life. .

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5 Responses to “Rangoli. . .”

  1. Shyam Says:

    Dear friend, you are great.Being a doctor,if you are doing this. Its really appreciable. Keep continue.

  2. Raj Says:

    Rangoli mujhe bhi pasand hai. Bhai kya ye tumhara banaya hua hai. Mast banaye yar.

  3. sunil Says:

    Its just beautiful.

  4. alekya Says:

    hey its really gud ..evn am doin mbbs.. i need to do in my coll too cn u pllzzz help me ot..???

  5. Dr.Abhay Kumar Says:

    Hi Alakya,
    Nice to know. . . Sure. . !Welcome !You can contact me at 09234772679.

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